Cloud-Based Telephony Services

We are leading provider of Cloud-based telephony service in Amritsar ( Punjab).  Cloud Telephony Services involves IVR – Interactive Voice Response which is an automated telephony system that communicates with callers, collect routes calls to the appropriate recipient and data information. IVR accepts a type of voice telephone input and touches, tone keypad selection and gives proper responses as voice, callback, e-mail, fax and or any other media sources. IVR system is a combination of telephony equipment, software applications, information database and which support all infrastructures.

We Offer following services in this category-

K Broadcast-

Make the solution of outbound phone call campaign to reach masses through auto voice and text messages. This process various carry beneficial functions reservation, confirm Cash-delivery order, elections, gather feedback and much more.

Virtual Ad Number-

Virtual Ad Number way to the success of marketing campaigns and select right form of advertising for the product launch. You can take individual numbers in the quantity that one for per ad, center, and location. This procedure has been adopted to by Multinationals like Google, Snapdeal , Indiamart and Flipkart.

Click to Call-

Click-to-call is a web base communication between client and company in which a person clicks a button, image or text. As soon as a client submits his number we immediate made a connection between you and client at real-time either by phone call, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or text.

Missed Call-

In missed call, a unique number of the client which he can use for this number provide call services. When your client dial number and the call gets automatically disconnect when it is ringing. For this call, the customer is not charged. The customer is instantly responded to his request after missed call. Visitor number saved in the database for further communication.


In IVR you have virtual number reception hosted virtually in cloud telephony environment where customers can call 24×7. When clients make calling to your virtual number they are greeted with a message. This is a cloud-based EPABX exchange for businesses call routing, tracking, transfer etc.

Virtual PPC Number-

Seo keywords based campaigns are run in the hope of driving traffic to the website. Virtual Pay-Per-Click (PPC) numbers can be assigned to each ad campaign to track the limit to which how much they successive. which will help you run a more targeted and effective campaign.

Toll-Free Number-

In this, we provide a toll-free number to your business where a customer can make a call to you free of cost. You can distribute it maximum or publish through media services so the customer can reach you easy.It comes with a whole new bunch of interesting features like advanced analytics, whitelisting, call routing and welcome greeting in any language to increase lead generation by up to 40%.

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